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In the Minus 100 labs, hundreds of experiments have been conducted resulting in thousands of analysis performed on wetting (replacement of unwanted liquids, gases or solids from the primary particle surface), size reduction, chemistry selection (both repulsive force production and high particle concentration stabilization), generating Primary Particle Populations while reducing/eliminating aggregate presence, Particle Size segregation resulting in discrete particle size distributions (PSD’s) all the while striving for process optimization.

The process steps have successfully been employed in the production of nano-sized: Crystalline, Semi-Crystalline and Amorphous allotropes of carbon. Other nano-particle systems processed in-house include but are not limited to: Nano-Aluminum Oxide, Nano-Stucco, Nano-Gypsum, Nano-Molybdenum Oxide, Nano-cBN and a variety of other materials. All Nano-sized materials are provided wet.

WGC nano 1.png
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