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Minus 100, LLC processes specific carbon allotropes as a starting material and uses a combination of proprietary methods for producing its WGC-Nano Carbon Products. The methods we use include combinations of: comminution, thermal treatment, sonication, dispersion, coating, acid treatment and classification methods depending on the size distribution required of the final product, the surface functionalization necessary, the particle loading desired as well as other customer specified properties such as suspension viscosity, adhesion characteristics and electrical/thermal properties.  The products we produce are nano-size particles and will be provided in a suspension format.


WGC nano 4.png
WGC nano 6.png


WGC nano 5.png
WGC nano 7.png
WGC nano 2.png
WGC nano 3.png

HRTEM's of WGC Nano

WGC 2.jpg
WGC 1.jpg
WGC 3.jpg




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